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May 1, 2014: printing problems with Canon I-Sensys MF4330d

My current configuration is:
I have explained how to make this configuration work here for at least some documents. But some problems remain.

Djvu file with partially printe figures

Now, I have a special djvu file [8]. I want to print it using Okular (version 0.19.0 on KDE 4.13.0), for it proposes a graphical interface offering the possibility to print several pages per sheet:
Indeed the same result may be obtained on command line, but I don’t want to enter this stuff if possible.
Problem: some figures in the book I print are incomplete when printed with 2 pages by sheet. For example, we obtain for the print of page 19 (this is a scan of the resulting printed sheet of paper):
instead of (snapshot of the djvu file):
If we print one page per sheet instead, the problem does not occur.
Update on December 17, 2017, same problem using Ubuntu 17.10:
There is no such problem using the Samsung SCX-4200 printer (with default drivers provided with Ubuntu Linux).
Update on October 4, 2019: problem solved with the package cnrdrvcups-ufr2-uk_5.00-1_amd64.deb! This also now works with [1].

PDF pages printed entirely in black

Problem on December 17, 2017

This is my configuration (Ubuntu 17.10):
As a workaround to the problem of page partially printed explained above, my first idea was to use the “Export as...” dialog of djview to create a pdf (maybe things would be managed better with a PDF in Okular):
But when I print the exported PDF, my printer creates a full black page. A second idea is to try using the command line to generate a postscript file:
$ djvups -mode=foreground -gray Syn60b.djvu
With this method, I can avoid black pages, but the same phenomenon of partially printed figures happens. The only workaround I have found is to print not two, but four pages per sheet. Needless to say that it represents small characters too difficult to read: hence I have renounced and printed the document at full size (one page per sheet).
The problem of PDF printed as black pages just mentioned happens in fact for many files, for instance:
On the contrary, these documents are printed without any difficulty on Samsung SCX-4200.
The only solution I have found to print them is to choose "Force rasterization" in the PDF options of Okular. The printing is almost correct: the fact that the PDF is transformed in an image is seen by small black dots in the white part of the page; yet this is not really a problem as they are sufficiently sparse.

Tries I made in the past (on December 5, 2015)

I have found the following links related to this problem:
By ticking “force rasterization” in Okular, I obtained white on black print instead of solid black (here): contrary to December 17, 2017 above, where this method allowed to obtain a satisfying result.
I have installed the 2.1 driver, following the advice of symlink creation (see entry of April 28, 2012): not better!
I remember having obtained this problem, and solved it using Acrobat Reader. Adobe no more supports Linux, but fortunately this is still possible to install Acrobat Reader, following the method given here here. I simply typed:
$ sudo apt-get install acroread
and after some package installation, Acrobat starts correctly. But unfortunately, printing does not work: the printer MF4330d starts and make some noise for 3 or 4 seconds, and then stops without explanation. I have not looked at the Cups logs. Then I have tried printing from the Chromium embedeed PDF viewer: not better!
I tried to transform the PDF in another file format:
$ pdf2djvu whitrow_qjm_4_161_33.pdf -o whitrow_qjm_4_161_33.djvu
But the resulting DJVU document does not print (not even one page). I also tried:
pdf2ps whitrow_qjm_4_161_33.pdf
The resulting postscript document gives black pages as the original PDF.
I have also tried to add in the ppd file /etc/cups/ppd/Canon_MF4320-4350_(UFRII_LT).ppd (following here):
*OpenUI *ColorModel/Color Model: PickOne
*DefaultColorModel: rgb
*ColorModel rgb/RGB: "<</cupsColorOrder 0/cupsColorSpace 1/cupsCompression 0/cupsBitsPerColor 8>>setpagedevice"
*ColorModel Gray/Grayscale:	"<</cupsColorSpace 0/cupsColorOrder 0>>setpagedevice"
*ColorModel Black/Inverted Grayscale:	"<</cupsColorSpace 3/cupsColorOrder 0>>setpagedevice"
*ColorModel CMY/CMY Color:	"<</cupsColorSpace 4/cupsColorOrder 0>>setpagedevice"
*ColorModel CMYK/CMYK:	"<</cupsColorSpace 6/cupsColorOrder 0>>setpagedevice"
*ColorModel KCMY/KCMY:	"<</cupsColorSpace 8/cupsColorOrder 0>>setpagedevice"
*CloseUI: *ColorModel
and then choose “inverted grayscale” in the printer options; but it did not work better. Acroread has also the same behavior, for any set of options.

Tries I made in the past (on November 1, 2016)

I have tried to install the Canon RPM packages in an OpenSuse 13.2 i586 live distribution, using Yast to add the printer. The printer and driver are correctly found by Yast. I have tried two RPMs: the ones in CANON_MF4330d_v3.10/Linux_UFRII_PrinterDriver_V310_uk_EN/32-bit_Driver/RPM and the ones in CANON_MF4330d_v2.00/UK/32-bit_Driver/RPM/. With both drivers, impossible to print Ung88.pdf: a black page is obtained. Thus the problem is not specific to Ubuntu nor to the 64 bits version. Perhaps the version of Cups? The next step would be to try with a Linux version of 2010 to see if the problem disappears; according to here, I may use openSUSE 11.3 or 11.4. It is found at the following address:
I have tried Opensuse 11.4 KDE Live CD 64 bits, and installed the 64 bits drivers of CANON_MF4330d_v2.00/UK/32-bit_Driver/RPM/: when trying to print the first page of Ung88.pdf, no output: the job remains idle forever. By the way, note that “lpstat” allows to see pending jobs, and “cancel” allows to remove one of them.

Update in 2018

I have finally found a link giving the trick to make it work correctly: here:
Hi i have Canon IR1730, I also printed pages in black, when they were scanned pages in pdf,
with the Canon driver "linux-UFRII-drv-v340.tar.gz", a utility called cngplp is installed, run it in a terminal and check the option within special options, "Correct print data (including By N" ), and save as config defaults. With that, solve it.
And indeed it works; it has to be checked only one time. It is a great news. Note: it did not solve the problem when printing Syn60b (see item of May 1, 2014). One precision concerning cngplp: from my tests, 2-sided or 1-sided printing setting must be set in cngplp; setting it in another printing dialog does not supersede cngplp settings. But the number of pages per sheet can be set in your preferred printer dialog.