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Le problème le plus fondamental est probablement celui de la limitation de la population. Il faut donc mettre tout en oeuvre pour réaliser cette limitation. D'où la nécessité du contrôle des naissances, du planning familial selon l'actuelle expression franglaise. […] On ne peut pas doubler la population tous les trente ans, la production industrielle à un rythme encore plus rapide: on prend conscience des limites de notre planète. [...] la Terre, notre palais, notre jardin, notre trésor et aussi notre prison doit être regardée avec une vision globale, comme les astronautes la voient depuis la Lune. (Science et Bonheur des Hommes. Leprince-Ringuet, Louis. Flammarion. 1973, p.253, p.259, p.261)

My name is Julien Scordia, I live in France and work as an engineer. I use LyX to take reading notes, write syntheses, and maintain some diaries. Some of my notes are uploaded on this website, which is named Perusal, Synthesis, Bliss. They are provided "as is", with no censorship, since I have not enough time to tweak them for hours; yet I hope that the contents may be of some use to people finding them by serendipity. Perusal, Synthesis, Bliss is written in English language as much as possible but it may contain French here and there (when relevant or when I did not take time to write in English).

You may contact me by clicking here; if needed my public key for encryption is available.

Perusal, Synthesis, Bliss is completely made from LyX source documents, using a homemade script generating the index pages and menus automatically from a directory hierarchy on my computer (about 2000 lines of Python code). Manual operations are reduced to the minimum. As a LyX to HTML converter I use elyxer since for the time being it is superior to the LyX to XHTML internal converter.

Without further mention on a particular page, Perusal, Synthesis, Bliss is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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